National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Annual Dinner, Los Angeles. Sept. 27,
2010 Image from BEImages. 


Christiankane01"in Providence.. hangin with Jeri!! Criminal Minds baby!!" 


Film of the arrivals at the Made In Dagenham world premiere in London yesterday. Gina is at the beginning(second).This kind of gives you the feel for what these people have to put up with from the press.....


"It’s been a treat watching this very special
group of actors bond off camera. You can see on the show how that
has translated into some cool subtle stuff between the characters.
It’s the kind of thing you can’t write and you can’t direct. It’s a
chemistry that only the actors can bring." 

Dean Devlin


New @ChristianKane01 radio tour dates up on FB.



Excerpt from a recent Bill Engvall interview from the Paducah Sun:
He continued his
TV career this summer with a guest appearance on TNT’s “Leverage.”Engvall
played a crooked car dealer.“That was awesome,” Engvall said. “I
got to point guns at people and drive fast cars.” Dream jobs seek
... him out these days..."


From Tim's Twitvid:
TIM: What are we doing?
Are you recording? Oh, we’re going to Parker’s to find out just
how f***ing weird she really is.
can’t put that online; he just swore!



Excerpt from an article by Kate O'Hare at Zap2It

"As far as Kane's own musical career, he recently released a five-song EP, with a full
album on the way. The first single, "The House Rules," is due out in

...Also in the pipeline is a video
for the single, directed by none other than "Leverage" star Tim
Hutton (and featuring a guest appearance by "Leverage" regular Aldis
Hodge). At least part of the video was
filmed on June 12 at Dante's, a club in Portland, Ore., the city
where "Leverage" is filmed.

"A lot of people don't know that Tim
directed 'Drive,' by The Cars," says Kane. "I told him about a concept,
and he polished it up. He directed the video, and Tim's son, Noah
Hutton, actually cut the video. I just showed it to some guys at
CMT, and they love it. We're on our way."



Christian Kane and Steve Carlson before CMX race on Sept. 10th 2010 
 spoke with Aldis Hodge about his key to success, playing a computer whiz, beginning his career as an ESSENCE magazine model and jumping into the third season of TNT's Leverage.



Part of tha Aldis Hode/IF Magazine interview:
"iF: Is there anything you can’t do?

HODGE: I can’t do a backflip, which I’m going to go learn how to
do some time later this year."



“People really want them to get together,” she[Beth Riesgraf] said. “But if they did,
people would be really disappointed. If it happens too fast, it doesn’t
work. I think that the writers are being really smart about it. There’s
enough there to play with and they definitely have chemistry, but you
have to ride this on...e out, I think.”



Leverage Season 1 is out on DVD in the UK on
Monday, September 6th.



Someone called Eliot's and Harison's bromance as ....."ELDISON"!!



Christian Kane:"Doing my own stunts is both a blessing and a curse. But I wouldn’t
change it for the world. Everybody’s kids on set wanna be Eliot; they
think I’m Batman. I can’t let ‘em down."



John Rogers: 

"as EP of Leverage I officially regret parodying the BP oil spill at the end of ep 311No, we should havewaited and done a Leverage ep on them releasing TONS OF BENZENE INTO THE AIR. INTENTIONALLY. "


In June 2009, authorities allege, Stone and his youngest son David Stone Jr. began teaching other Hutaree how to make and use the explosives. They were to have been used against law enforcement officials as they drove in the funeral procession for the first officer they intended to kill as bait.



[Leverage 1.05 - The Bank Shot Job]From DEAN
DEVLIN: "He [Derrick] says “is your team good?” and Tim has to say
“The best”, so when we did Tim’s close-up, I whispered in the actor
[Mark Doerr]’s ear, and I had him say ...“Your
son, in Paris, he’s good? and he [Tim Hutton] said “The best” and can tell he’s talking about someone he really, really loves..."



Tweet from Amy Berg, writer/Production Asst. for Leverage
"Here's the link to an interview I did yesterday
for iF Magazine about #Eureka, writing and,
apparently, Airwolf. "



"For instance, Gina [Bellman] chose her own —
she chose Sophie’s name, her real name, whatever it turns out to be.
And a lot of background stuff is coming out about her character
this year. It’s yet to come out, but it will. It was created by
Gina, but in discussion with Gina things came out that she had
...incorporated i...nto her back-story that John was like,
“Hey, that’s not bad! We’ll riff on it." - Geoffrey
Thorne (Source)



An Interview with Writers Melissa Glenn and Jessica
Rieder Season 3, Episode 5: The Double Blind Job
Written by: Melissa Glenn & Jessica Rieder
Leverage - Season 3 Blog - Entry 5



TWEET from @timhutton big thanks to all the birthday
wishes...much appreciated and so far not so bad



John Rogers wrote this at the end of his blog:
"Look for #306 midweek, and next week,
well, that may well be my magnum opus.
"The Rashomon Job" is the one I've been
waiting to write for three years. I
...look forward to seeing what you think.
As always, thanks for your time and attention."



Tweet from Dean Devlin:@Electric44
That's a wrap on shooting season
3! 6 more to air in TNT. Three more this summer, three more this



Tweet from@Aldishodge02
On to the last scene of season 3
with @ChristianKane01.He and I started this 2gether. It's only right that we end it that way!



AllThings Leverage Facebook Group

Hip-Hip Hooray
Hip-Hip Hooray
Hip-Hip Hooray
Here's to 100 more members.



Tweet fro Dean Devlin@@Electric44: Last day of shooting on last episode of #Leverage
season 3. What a fun ride it's been!



Country Stars On Big Screen: A Few Who Did It Right « LimeWire Music Blog   CountryStars On Big Screen: A Few Who Did It Right...and guess who made the list?


“This is a true story, this song. I had this girl, lived next door
to me, and she had this guy that wasn’t very nice to her living with
her, and so…I used to hear them fighting all the time, and she, you
know, she was- it seemed like she was always crying an...d stuff like
that, and I could hear her, I could hear them fighting and him throwing
her around and stuff, so, I went over and politely knocked on the
door, and then politely beat the shit out of him. True story. This girl
never talked to me again, but I don’t care ‘cause they broke up after
that…” - Christian Kane



Albert Kim(Leverage writer) tweeted:But wet
Eliot was wholly MY idea.Not sure exactly why I'm proud of that.



From John Rogers Blog re: "Eliot Spencer-And there's an excellent chance that in the winter episodes, you're
going to see just why he's been a little pre-occupied this year."






Season 3 cast Interviews from Comic Con.



The LEVERAGE Role Playing Game puts you in the middle of a dysfunctional but highly-specialized group of con-artists, criminals, and crooks who are trying to turn over a new leaf. You protect the victims of corporations, mobsters, and corrupt politicians by using your expert skills to outwit and overcome the real bad guys.

Using the award-winning Cortex System as its foundation, the Leverage RPG includes all the rules you need to create a team of rogues, plan a job, and get it done... even if it means going to Plan B.


TNT has enjoyed tremendous success on
Sunday and Monday nights with LEVERAGE, THE CLOSER and RIZZOLI
& ISLES,” says Michael Wright, executive vice president and
head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM).“All
three shows feature terrific casts, sharp writing and top-notch
...production teams.We look forward to continued success with new seasons
in 2011.”

Layden Robinson just released his 4th cd, this one with Christian Kanes band as backup and also produced by Christians band. Give it a listen! And check out Layden's newest CD here, Music Meets Emotion:

Layden Robinson. Wishing on a rainbow..mp3

Christian Kane - 01 - The House Rules.mp3

To all who were interested in Dean Devlin's hat,
I did a little investigating and while I couldn't
find the EXACT style, CafePress has a lot of
Leverage goodies, including the ever popular
"WE BLOW SHIT UP" slogan. They also have a cool
offer to design your OWN items if you don't want what
they have. You can check it out here if you're interested.